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The Basics of an Interview Schedule Email


If you’re in the process of filling a role or two, you know that coordinating interviews can be a bit of a juggling act. From finding a mutually convenient time to getting everyone on the same page, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. But fear not, because we’ve got you covered! A crisp yet informative interview schedule email elicits better responses from job seekers.  An Ideal Job Interview Schedule email should have relevant information relating to the interview’s date, time, and place.  Also, you must use automation to allow candidates self-schedule their interviews. Otherwise, it can lead to challenges with scheduling and management on the day of the interview.

Job interview schedule emails must include the date, time, platform, and other relevant information related to the interview

How to Write an Interview Schedule E-mail

Scheduling an interview is a crucial step in the recruitment process. It can even determine whether a potential candidate moves forward or not. Writing a clear and organized interview schedule email is essential to ensuring a smooth and successful experience for both the interviewer and the candidate. We will explore the essential elements to include in your interview schedule email, tips for making it effective, and a sample template to help you get started. Get ready to streamline your interview scheduling process and impress your candidates with a professional and well-crafted interview schedule email.

An interview scheduling email to a candidate must have a tone aligned with how a company wants to position itself in front of the candidate. Based on the same, it could be candid to professional.  

The email body must include details about the interview format. It should also mention dates, time, duration, and dress code. The subject line should grab the candidate’s attention. 

An interview mailer represents the company’s brand image, so you need to draft it with utmost care. The email should have relevant information to help candidates prepare for the role. 

Doing so will help candidates feel valued, influencing their decision to attend the interview. Some companies go ahead and mention details of interviewers as well. It allows candidates to know who they can expect and prepare better accordingly.

What to Include in an Email to Schedule an Interview

How do you invite a candidate for an interview with an email template? The most important thing to focus on is the subject line of the interview schedule email. It should have the company name and job title. 

The mail body has details about the time and duration of the scheduled interview and the interviewer’s name and designation. It must inform the candidate if they need to bring their resume, ID card, portfolio, etc. 

It must also ask the candidate if they would be available on a particular day or week to take the interview. The candidate may agree to the interview timings or suggest a different time or date. In that case, the recruiter should send an interview rescheduling mail to confirm the new dates.

1.The Job Title Candidate is Applying for

It is essential to let your candidates know the job they will be interviewed for. It may happen that a candidate from your talent community may have applied for the role, and it is precisely the role they are looking for. Candidates must be informed about the position they will be further interviewed on.

2.Key Areas of Discussion

The interview scheduling email allows giving an overview of the key discussion areas. These critical discussion areas will depend on whether it’s a first interview that requires basic information or an in-depth interview that requires detailed information.

3.Time and Length of the Meeting

With the advancement of technology, recruiters can now use Applicant tracking systems to schedule interviews at a time that best suits the candidates. ATS helps automate the interview scheduling process, and both candidates and recruiters can access the date and duration of the interview on the calendar interface. It saves time for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

4.Location/Platform of the Interview

If the interview is scheduled in-office, an exact address with a link to the map must be provided to the candidate. If it’s an online interview, candidates should be given instructions on which platform would be used. 

They should know whether the interview will be conducted over the phone, zoom, google meet, or any other platform. It is also vital to ensure that the candidate has connected on the platform 5 minutes before the interview.

5.Location/Platform Access Information

Give an overview of the place of the interview and other necessary information. Give information about parking and validation. Give a roadmap for entering the building, office location, checking at the reception desk, and the people to register their names with on entering the office. 

If the interview is being conducted online, spell the phone number or app or share the link and cross-check to make sure the candidate has got the correct details.

6.Details of Interviewers [Optional]

Including details of interviewers is something you can consider too. It helps candidates prepare better for the role, eventually leading to more constructive discussions.

Now that we have looked at the important things to include in an interview schedule email, let’s take a look at a sample email for better understanding.

Free Interview Schedule Email Template

There is no standard format for ‘how to write an email to schedule an interview.’ But you can use the below Interview Schedule Email example for reference:

Subject: Invitation for interview with (Company Name) for the position of (Job title) 

Dear/Hi [Candidate Name],

We thank you for applying to [Company name].

We want to invite you for an interview for the role of [Job title] at our office premises in (Address).

The [Department name] department manager (Name) will conduct your interview. The interview will be for (duration in hours/minutes). You must bring the following documents (name of those documents) for the interview.

Kindly let us know if you would be available on [date/range of dates and time] for the interview

Do let us know in case of any queries.


[Your name] 


An interview schedule email format should contain all the necessary company details in the mail body

How to Write an Email to the Candidate to Reschedule the Interview?

You can refer to the below format for writing an interview reschedule email to a candidate:

Subject: Rescheduling the interview with (Company Name) for the position of (Job title) 

Dear/Hi [Candidate Name],

We thank you for applying to [Company name].

As per our earlier conversation, we would like to reschedule your interview for the role of [Job title]. We want to invite you to our office premises in (Address).

The [Department name] department manager (Name) will conduct your interview. The interview will be for (mention duration in hours/minutes). You must bring the following documents (name of those documents) for the interview.

Kindly confirm your availability for the interview on [date/range of dates and time].


[Your name]


Tired of Manually Scheduling Interviews Via Emails? Here’s an Easier Way.

Manually sending out emails to applicants to schedule interviews takes up a good chunk of the recruitment team’s time. Using an AI-powered ATS can speed up the hiring process and create a seamless experience for the applicants and your recruiting team.


To sum it up, creating a well-structured and professional interview schedule email is essential for creating a positive first impression and setting the tone for a successful interview experience. Whether you are scheduling an interview for a candidate or for yourself, taking the time to draft an email that is clear, concise, and professional can make all the difference. Remember to include all necessary information, be mindful of timing, and consider using a template to streamline the process. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to writing a standout interview schedule email that makes a lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
How should a Candidate Ask for an Interview appointment?

The candidate should introduce himself to the recruiter or hiring manager. Give his name and the date on which he applied for the job or the date of his emailed cover letter and resume. Explain that he has compared his qualifications to the required and preferred qualifications for the position and found a match on all points.

What Should a Candidate Write to HR After an Interview?

Thank them for their time in the interview. Explain that the candidate is following up on his interview – remember to be specific about the job, mentioning the job title and interview date. Restate his interest in the position and say that he is keen to hear about the next steps.

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