Are you using these job posting tips from top recruiters?


Job posting example – A bad job posting

This job requires a junior developer with 4+ years of experience. Developers with 4+ years of industry experience fall in mid-senior or senior level. Hence, this job posting will likely attract fewer qualified candidates.

A bad job posting

Job boards are a preferred destination for active job seekers. They are the first thing candidates interact with before knowing more about your company. Whether or not candidates stay as they scroll through various job posts depends on how you create your job ad and where you publish them.

In this guide, I will share job posting examples and quick tips to help you source top candidates.

1. Pick the right job title for your recruitment ads

Healthcare job titles

Focus on job roles. Pick the job title that matches the type of work. Avoid using outdated job titles that nobody will search for. Use keyword research tools to find out what terms job seekers use for job search. Consider the length of the title. Too short or excessively long job titles can negatively impact your recruitment ads, attracting only fewer applications. Consider the level of seniority to include in the job title. 

Job posting example – a bad job posting (Incorrect job title)

An incorrect job title

2. Write a job description for a great first impression of your job ad

Writing a job description

Job descriptions are a recruiter’s opportunity to create a great first impression. Create a JD that engages, motivates and inspires candidates. Consult people in the same profession to create a job description that feels inviting and triggers interest in candidates to take action. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and using too many bullet points. Unlike lengthy JDs that confuse people, short and crisp descriptions grab candidates’ attention and engage them.  

Job posting example – A bad job posting (uninteresting description)

3. Use niche job boards to post your job ad

Post jobs on niche job boards to source qualified candidates. You will narrow your target candidates with industry-specific job boards and reach out to relevant ones. Naukri, Indeed and LinkedIn are the top job boards with millions of diverse profiles. Also, they allow candidates to search for jobs based on their roles. 

Measure the performance of each job board to determine which one works best for a specific job vacancy.

4. Post jobs on free and paid job boards

Use both free and paid job boards to attract maximum relevant candidates. Some of the popular job boards you must consider are:

  • Naukri

It is a leading job board in India, with millions of job seekers regularly visiting the site searching for jobs. It allows quick and easy job posting across non-metro and metro cities. However, you must pay to post jobs on Naukri. Your job post will appear at the beginning or in general search results based on your pricing plan. It has a candidate database that employers can use to reach out to qualified candidates. 

  • Indeed

It allows you to post jobs for free to appear in the general search result. However, you must sponsor your jobs to reach out to relevant candidates. It shows sponsored jobs higher in search results and gets more clicks to attract qualified candidates.

  • LinkedIn

It is an all-time favourite for job seekers across the globe. Plan your LinkedIn recruiting strategies. Use the LinkedIn job board to post jobs for free. Optimise it for location, industry, etc., to reach out to relevant candidates organically. Also, promote them to appear on top of search results.

  • Monster

It has been around for 25 years and gets millions of monthly visitors searching for jobs. Based on the package you choose, you will be able to post jobs on Monster with 30 or 60 days job post validity. Also, it has a resume database to help you reach out to ideal candidates instantly.

5. Post on multiple job boards to maximise the impact of your recruitment ads

Relying on a single channel can negatively impact your candidate sourcing efforts. You will receive a few applicants who are not qualified to take the role. 

Diversify your channels and post jobs on various relevant job boards to ensure you have enough applicants who qualify for the vacancy. Consider using the PyjamaHR’s one-click job posting to multiple job boards for quick and hassle-free job publishing to your career page and on popular job boards like LinkedIn, IIM Jobs and Google Jobs.  

One-click job posting to multiple job boards with PyjamaHR

Follow the above tips to maximise your presence across platforms your target candidates spend most of their time searching for jobs. Posting appealing job ads on multiple targeted job boards ensures greater reach and hence more qualified applicants.

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