Hire top contenders with these 8 new recruitment marketing strategies


Convincing suitable candidates to apply is a challenging task. Like marketing teams attract and convert customers, recruitment teams must use marketing tactics to attract qualified candidates. The ultimate goal of recruitment marketing is to present the company as a great place to work, which can appeal to prospective candidates.

In this blog, I will share some effective ideas recruiters can use to strengthen their recruitment marketing plan:

1. Hire social media influencers to promote your jobs and culture

Collaborate with influencers on social media to use their overwhelming reach. They have millions of followers and use curated content to communicate with them. Plan influencer marketing campaigns to advertise jobs. Consider hiring influencers from the relevant industry as the job vacancy, so that they sound credible talking about your company and promoting jobs on their channel.

2. Advertise for leads on ad platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn

Ad platform

Online advertisements drive users to take action. Use campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. They are powerful means of advertisement for getting qualified leads. Use them to make candidates fill out forms or direct them to your career page, and you may end up sourcing top candidates for your vacant positions.

3. Post your jobs in local job search Facebook groups

Besides posting photos and social status, people use Facebook in many other ways. Numerous groups on Facebook are created where recruiters post their job vacancies. And millions of job seekers find new jobs. Consider joining relevant groups to post jobs.  

Job search Facebook group – Facebook

4. Advertise in local college newspapers

For hiring college students, publishing job ads in college newspapers is an effective recruitment marketing tactic recruiters use. Do not overlook such opportunities. Newspapers are generally free on campuses and have a significant readership. Use them to reach a specific set of in-campus target candidates.   

Job ad in college newspaper

5. Offline advertising through Billboards

Billboards allow recruiters to connect with their prospective candidates instantly. Use them to grab the attention of qualified candidates through brand messages, photographic data and employee benefits.

Billboard job advertising

6. Organise virtual job fairs

Virtual job fair – CNBC

To ensure that your virtual jobs fair is successful, plan early.

  1. Create a timeline from start to finish of the job fair.
  2. Quantify the number of expected attendees and plan accordingly.
  3. Define a budget.
  4. Partner with recruitment firms 

The above tips will boost the number of attendees and ensure the success of your job fair.

7. Create video campaigns on streaming platforms

Job ad on streaming platforms

Companies have been sharing videos on streaming platforms to promote their employer branding and showcase company culture. Create video campaigns for visual storytelling. Talk about employee benefits, exciting projects, events and team outings. It will make your company look like a great place to work.

Life at HubSpot

8. Promote employee referral program

By advertising their employee referral program, top companies like Dell have improved their referral hires by 50 to 125% (SHRM). Use marketing tactics to reach out to your current employees asking them to recommend qualified candidates from their professional network. Send emails and conduct sessions to talk about referral benefits, monetary and non-monetary incentives.

Thoroughly plan your recruitment marketing campaigns and measure success. Track metrics and applications from different channels. To ensure efficiency in tracking overwhelming numbers of applications through different recruitment marketing campaigns, consider using an applicant tracking system like PyjamaHR. Also, ATS helps you leverage applicant data to build a consolidated database of candidates for future use.

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